Take advantage of a program that specializes in a non-surgical approach to healthy weight loss.  Through a balanced diet, FDA approved supplements, weight loss medication, wellness counseling and exercise guidance you will see an increase in your body’s natural energy level and metabolism. 

Through this program you will learn how to set healthy, reasonable goals and address various obstacles that stand in the way of achieving those goals.  You will learn how to make appropriate meal choices, create an exercise regime that works for you, and get back on track with your health.

The right weight loss plan for one person does not necessarily mean it is the right plan for everyone.  A personalized strategy is devised by you, the physician, and your weight loss coach so you can reach you desired goal.

Keys to Success:

1) Individualized Plan – Everyone is different, therefore your program will be different based on your age, height, weight, blood results, medical history, BMI, and weight loss goals.

2) Balanced Meal Plan – A well balanced meal plan including protein, healthy carbs, and fats will be devised based on your lifestyle and caloric intakes

3) Medical Weight loss Medication and Nutritional Supplements – Our physician will prescribe weight loss medication and nutritional supplements specific to your needs.

4) Activity and Fitness – We will explore the many ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life.

5) Education, Support, and Motivation – Throughout the program you will learn how to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes with all the support you need! 

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