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Reversa Weight Loss at the Advanced Wellness Center
701 Limekiln Pike Suite 1
Ambler, PA 19002

Phone: (267) 963-8668

 Fax: (215) 283-3134


Office Hours:  An Appointment is required for all visits.

“Yesterday you said Tomorrow!”


Lisa, 6 week program (14lb. loss)

“I went from a size 16 to a size 14 (that is a little big).  I’m able to keep a more positive attitude in spite of daily trials.  Some symptoms of peri-menopause have subsided.  My energy level is up, cravings have decreased, and I’m understanding my body’s reactions a little better now.  The vitamin deficiencies and other suggested supplements have also helped my moods, sleeping, etc.  Great program!”

Cathy, 14 week program (28lb. loss)

“As a pharmacist, I am well aware of the dangers of being overweight.  Once I entered my 50’s, weight became a constant struggle.  I came to Mary Kate and the Reversa staff to help me with this struggle.  Not only did I lose 28lbs in 14 weeks, but I feel better and have more energy than I have in years.

The program is easy to follow – you eat real food that you purchase from your own grocery store (no prepackaged stuff).  I tracked my daily calorie and water input and every week Mary Kate would meticulously go through my journal, sometimes making recommendations on different choices, sometimes just telling me how great I was eating.  

She celebrated every pound I lost!!  She helped me plan out my meals before I left on my vacation which kept me on track.  I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved and highly recommend this program to others.  This is now no longer a “diet”, but a way of eating I will follow for the rest of my life.”

Geraldine, 6 week program (11lb. loss)

“The program was eye opening to understand the foods that trigger weight loss and gain.  It was also helpful to see what type of exercise will work best for my blood type.  It was an easy program to follow without a major out lay of money.  The coaching (one-on-one) was really helpful as it gave me insight into how better health affects all parts of my life not just one section.  When it’s all in sync, you feel at your best!”

Karen, 6 week program (9lb. loss)

“My eating is much more intentional – I am conscious of making food choices that are beneficial for me, that promote a sense of wellness.  The weight loss is encouraging and contributes to a greater sense of well-being.  The staff include exceptional counselors – very knowledgeable, well prepared, personable and encouraging.  I looked forward to our meetings.”

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